Ballot Picks

Ballot Picks

Chuck and Julie November 2020 Ballot Picks


            There are eleven statewide ballot issues.  This is our quick and easy guide on our recommendations.


Amendment B:  Repeal Gallagher Amendment.   NO

We believe getting rid of the Gallagher Amendment will pave the way for government entities  to raise property taxes (business and residential) however they want.


Amendment C:  Conduct of Charitable Gaming.   NO

This is pork barrel for the gambling industry.


Amendment 76:  Citizenship Qualification of Voters.  A big YES.

The current law says you have to be a US citizen to vote in Colorado elections but this would put it in the State Constitution.  That means the progressive Dems now in charge at the State Capitol can’t just change the law to allow non-citizens to vote and don’t think they wouldn’t try.


Amendment 77:  Local Approval of Casino Bet Limits and Games.  NO

Another pork barrel for the gambling industry.


Proposition EE:  Taxes on Nicotine Products.  NO

This would basically add sales taxes on vaping.  In general we are opposed to any tax increases.  And we don’t believe it when they tell you the sales tax revenue will go to the children.


Proposition 113:  Adopt Agreement to Elect US President By National Popular Vote.  A big NO.

This is an attempt by Dems to have the huge Democrat controlled population centers like California determine the President and do an end run around the Electoral College.  


Proposition 114:  Reintroduction and Management of Gray Wolves.  NO

Gray wolves have already returned to Colorado.


Proposition 115:  Prohibit abortions after 22 week.  YES.

This is due date too late.  Abortions would be restricted after 22 weeks.  It’s a step in the right direction.


Proposition 116:  State Income Tax Rate Reduction.  YES.

It’s not huge but who wouldn’t want to reduce their income tax rate?


Proposition 117:  Voter Approval for Certain New State Enterprises.  YES.

The Legislature has been getting around the Tabor taxpayer bill of rights by calling increases “fees” not taxes.  This is a step toward closing that loophole.  


Proposition 118:  Paid Family Leave and Medical Leave Insurance Program.  A big NO.

Progressive Dems want to impose more taxes on employers and employees to pay for their socialist agenda.  Nope. 



JUDGES:  In general we say unless you have a specific reason for voting yes – just vote NO on retaining judges.  Most of them have been appointed by Democrat Governors.


LOCAL BALLOT ISSUES:  There are a number of additional ballot issues that are specific to where you live.  In general, we are opposed to anything that raises taxes.

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